Television and electronic games – psychological education series


Author: Antoine M. Al Chartouni

Illustrator: Group Bah ya Bah

Arabi 21:(ك)

Subject: Behavior

Psychological Education

Primary Stage 1st

Page: 16

Year: 2019

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This book is a part of a series that targets three main goals:

– Helping a child physiologically and socially during the story, with the help of the parents or some help at school or even a guidance counselor in schools and communities that help children’s issues.

– Helping Arabic communities and parents for teaching good behaviors and various ideas to their children.

– Encouraging Arab kids to read Arabic books, or listening to their parents’ or teachers’ stories in school. And during the reading, the child can learn new words and synonyms.

Where and how can we use this book?

At home: The father or the mother can read this series in the sitting room with their child, or in the child’s bedroom, like a bedtime story.

At school: The teacher can read the books in a group way. It is best that it can be in class or at the class library, if the students sit in a circular way, they can all listen to the teacher’s explanation.

In the office of a counselor or psychologist instead of a game, the psychologist or guidance counselor can use this book to help the child by explaining each word and each picture.

Weight 76 g
Dimensions 17 × 22 × 2 cm


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