Dad’s Sweetheart, Too!


Author: Abeer Anwar

Illustrator: Naemat zaidan

Arabi 21: (ل)

Subject: Family, Sickness, Divorce

Primary Stage 2nd

Page: 28

Year: 2019

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Habiba’s” relation with her dad has changed. It is not as it has been before her parents’ divorce, despite the great love that “Habiba” and her dad have for each other. When her father gets sick, “Habiba” starts reconsidering her behaviors with her dad. She tries to find causes for the anxiety that spoil their relation. She asks for the help of a young doctor at the hospital. She discovers the cause and she succeeds to win back her good relation with him, and she regains her position as her “dad’s sweetheart”… How this happens? We will know, when we will read this social story.

Weight 63 g
Dimensions 14 × 20 × 2 cm


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