• The Talented

    Author: Mohamad Jameel

    Illustrator: Hesham Solieman

    Arabi 21: (م)

    Subject: Sports, Talent, Training

    Series name: sports

    Reading series

    Primary Stage 3rd

    Page: 32

    Year: 2019

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  • The Circus Cat (Ascend with Asala – level 4)

    Author: Obada Takla

    Illustrator: Shaza Horani

    Arabi 21: (ط)

    Subject: Leveled Reading, Taking Care of Animals, Talents

    Reading series

    Series Name: Ascend with Asala 4

    Primary Stage 1st

    Primary Stage 2nd

    Award: Winner of Sheikh Zayed Educational Prize

    Pages: 16

    Year: 2017

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  • We are all Smart

    Author: Roeya ِawada Hajj

    Illustrator : Sami Mrad

    Arabi 21: (ن)

    Subject: Intelligence, Talents, Relationships Among Friends

    Primary Stage 1st

    Picture Books

    Pages: 16

    Year: 2018

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