Goldilocks and the three Bears Play (Ascend with Asala – level 4)


Author: Jinan hashash

Illustrator: Lama khaliefieh

Arabi 21: (ط)

Subject: Leveled Reading,Folktales, Drama, Respecting Others’ Privacies

Reading series

Series Name: Ascend with Asala 4

Primary Stage 2nd

Award: Winner of Sheikh Zayed Educational Prize

Pages: 16

Year: 2020

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This book is a part of readable series, which helps the child to pick a story that is suitable for his reading level, by which he can practice and improve his reading abilities. The child will start reading independently and ascending consequently depending on his own reading level and potentials. The series contains numerous attractive stories that are full of suspense and human values. It is considered one of the most important series among all readable series in the Arab world, since it is Arabic oriented and not translated.

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 14 × 20 × 2 cm


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