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These are My Limits

Author: Samar Taher
Category: Reading Series
Illustrator: Esraa haydari

$ 6.00

If we need to cross our borders to others’ borders, we need to take permission. As we need a “Visa” to enter another country; we do need a permission to enter someone else’s room or home. And there are many other limits and borders that we cannot surpass for any reason, otherwise we will lose our friends that we love. “Yassir”, “Sally”, Yasmin”, “Salma”, Shadi”, “Fouad” have many things that irritate them. Will they tell their friends about these irritating things? Will they ask them to stop? Or they get far away from their friends?




Subject: Respecting Personal Limits, Respecting the Privacy of Others, Bulling, Friendship
SKU: A-1838
Arabic 21: (ل)
Page number: 24
Weight: 120 (g)
Stage: Primary Stage 2nd
Year: 2020
Dimensions: 20*28

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