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The Aid for Comprehension and Composoition/ level 1

Author: Mona Flaifel
Category: Picture Books
Illustrator: Nisreen Kharbotle

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The Aid for Comprehension and Composition” includes comprehensive texts to which the child will respond through various questions and different writing exercises. These exercises were designed according to the curriculum and needed skills in this essential level in order to help the educator in the process of acquiring the writing skills.

The expressive writing paragraph, before being a composed text, it is a word, then a sentence, compound sentences, then a paragraph, then a complex text. Then, “The Aid for Comprehension and Composition” contains some comprehensive texts that differ in content, besides writing exercises that will help the young student to train himself on the writing skill.

This book gets along with a complete explanation on the book design and how to keep up with the learner in the writing domain instead of the permanent inquiry; How shall I write?




Serie name: Educational Scholastic Activities
Subject: Educational Scholastic Activities
SKU: A-1759
Page number: 40
Weight: 165 (g)
Stage: Primary Stage 1st
Year: 2019
Dimensions: 20*28

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