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My lovely Math- Level 2

Author: Afrah jassem
Category: Picture Books
Illustrator: Nadine Issa

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The series “My Lovely Math” is an educational series that teaches Math for preschoolers. This series contain two versions.

These books depend on basic skills that a preschooler needs to acquire and apply, like:

- Acquiring basic and secondary colors

- acknowledging the kinds of lines

- Acquiring concepts of place and direction: inside- outside/ up- down/ in front of- behind

- Acquiring concepts of height and mass: Tall- short/ light- heavy

- Acknowledging concepts of similarities and differences

- Acquiring two dimensional geometrical shapes: square, triangle, circle, and rectangle

- differentiating reading and writing the numbers from 1 till 20

- continuing the sequence of numbers till number 10

- Differentiating the numerical value for each number from 1 till number 10

- Counting the elements of groups till number 10

- Comparing the groups till number 10

- Acquiring the types of shapes and tracing them

- Sorting the shapes according to a simple graph table




Serie name: Educational Scholastic Activities
Subject: Educational Scholastic Activities
SKU: A-1754
Page number: 88
Weight: 340 (g)
Stage: Pre-Primary Stage
Year: 2019
Dimensions: 20*28

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